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RLND Seeking Participants for 8th Class

Rural Leadership North Dakota’s prior class included farmers, a swine operation manager, business owners, city officials, a dental hygienist, college and bank personnel, a museum director, credit analyst and biologist.

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Rural Leadership North Dakota Graduates Share Experiences

We moved back to our ranch in 2006 and the RLND came along for me at the right time. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience of personal and resource discovery. RLND gave me the confidence to run for office. A program like RLND is critical to all communities, especially fast growing communities.

Vawnita Best, RLND Class V

The RLND experience has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. The program has made me a better leader, more open-minded and willing to get involved. I am grateful for the experience and would recommend it to anybody who wants to improve themselves and their community.

Sam Arndorfer, RLND Class VI

I have grown so much in taking part in the Rural Leadership Course, I feel it in myself, my husband sees it and my colleagues have seen it. This has been a wonderful experience for me all around. I am grateful for RLND.

Roxanne Hoffarth, RLND Class VII

Through the RLND experience I have made lifetime friends, valuable networks and important connections.  The greatest take away as a city auditor has been the personal awareness and improvement, as well as the vital leadership skills I have learned that I have used to benefit the community I serve.  Because auditors are the heart of their community and are faced with many triumphs and challenges in their position, this program is a must.

Natalie Muruato, RLND Class VII

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