Our Mission:

The Rural Leadership North Dakota Alumni Association (RLNDAA) Foundation is dedicated to engaging supporters that are united in strengthening and enhancing leaders, communities, and agriculture across the state of North Dakota.


Our Partnership:

To carry out our mission, we partnered with the North Dakota Community Foundation (NDCF), a nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3) and North Dakota law. They provide the RLNDAA Foundation with training and support, gift processing and tax receipting, money management, marketing, and fundraising support as we work to grow our two endowment funds.


Our Committee:

A committee of RLND Alumni who promote the foundation and make grants from its earnings based on criteria set forth by the RLNDAA Foundation and NDCF. 


Our Funds:

Endowment Fund – This is a permanent fund created to provide matching funds for community projects of current RLND program participants and alumni. Examples of projects include: Funding new equipment for volunteer emergency and fire responders, building new playgrounds, providing farm visits for children and adults to educate them on agriculture, backpack programs for hungry children, civic and community development and many more.


Non-Endowment Fund – This fund was established to provide financial resources for professional development opportunities to RLNDAA members across the state.


Our Story:

With a goal of giving back to North Dakota communities, the RLNDAA Foundation was created in 2016 to act as the philanthropic arm of the RLNDAA. We are committed to building on the $7 million impact that RLND program projects created over the past 16 years. 


Our Ask:

Consider the following ways to give to the RLNDAA Foundation Endowed or Non-Endowed funds. Here are a few ideas—please contact us if you have your own idea!

Outright Gifts - This is a simple, convenient way to donate and receive a maximum tax advantage. Money, securities, or appreciated property may be transferred to the RLNDAA Foundation and the donor receives a tax deduction based on the value at the time of transfer. The donor will not be subject to capital gains tax on any appreciation.  Other types of gifts, including agricultural products or cattle are also accepted.

Deferred Gifts - Deferred gifts may provide a lifetime income to the donor or designee.  Upon death, the residue of the gift becomes property of the NDCF for the RLNDAA Foundation.

Bequests - Donors may give to the foundation through their will and support the RLNDAA Foundation for years to come.  The will can provide for a stated sum, for a stated percentage, or for the residue and remainder of the estate, real or personal.

Life Insurance - By naming the RLNDAA Foundation as the irrevocable beneficiary of a life insurance policy, donors are entitled to an immediate tax deduction in the amount of the cash value of the policy. Premiums paid thereafter are deductible from income tax.

Memorials - Gifts honoring individuals are an appropriate way of indicating one’s care and concern. 

Other Ways to Support RLNDAA Foundation - Making an anonymous gift, Dollar-for-dollar donation challenge grants.


Our Contact:

Should you have any questions contact:

Cory McCaskey RLNDAA Foundation Chairperson

701-290-9006 or cjmccaskey@gmail.com


John Heinen, NDCF Development Director West

701-590-4614 or John@NDCF.net 

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