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About Us

The Rural Leadership North Dakota Alumni Association (RLNDAA) represents and serves all of the graduates of the Rural Leadership North Dakota (RLND) program – more than 166 individuals. Through RLNDAA, class members enhance their leadership skills and are given updates on issues facing agriculture, natural resources, state and national government, the economy and global markets. To date, over 166 individuals have completed the 18 month program and have gone on to take key leadership possitions in trade associations, public service, corporations and communities. 

RLND AA members continue to network with each other, as well as welcoming each new class. In appreciate of the RLND expereince, alumni members give back to the program through membership dues and other donations, recruiting prospective class members and sponsors, and planning and hosting events. In addition, the association offers educational programs and volunteer leadership opportunities for alumni. The association also plays an integral role in supporting and advocating for RLND.

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Association Leadership

Executive Board

Jeanna Smaaladen, President
Lynnell Popowski, Past-President
Roxanne Hoffarth, President-Elect
Kim Nuberg Gaugler, Communications
Kristi Schultz, Secretary
Matt Danuser, Treasurer
Stacey Lilja, Website Administrator
Cory McCaskey, RLND Council Liaison

Executive meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of the months at 12 Noon CT.

Association Committees

Endowment Fund Committee

Cory McCaskey, Chairman
Dave Lehman
Matt Danuser
Jeanna Smaaladen

Social Committee

Lynnell Popowski, Chairperson
Georgia Miller

ILAC ND 2019 Committee

Julie Gemmill, Co-Chairperson
Jeanna Smaaladen, Co-Chairpeson
Dave Lehman, ILAC Advisory Group
Kristi Schultz, Secretary
Roxanne Hoffarth
Lynnell Popowski
Gregg Schuetze


Rural Leadership North Dakota Alumni Association
NDSU Dept. 7390
Morrill Hall 307
P.O. Box 6050
Fargo, North Dakota 58108-6050
Tel: 701.231.5640​​​​​​​